Job Well Done!

I want to thank you and Daren and Missy and the crew (James, Phillip, Joe and Randy) for all of your hard work and skilled craftsmanship to make my cabin dream come true. Over the past months, I have enjoyed getting to know all of you and come to appreciate your dedication to quality. In my opinion, the cabin is a work of art created by a team of highly professional hardworking artisans. Your team incorporated every detail that I requested to construct a cabin that is timeless in both its beauty and durability. Everyone that has visited so far has been extremely complimentary of the quality of the work and the attention to detail. I look forward to enjoying the cabin for many years to come.

Please extend my thanks to the entire team for a job well done.

Ed & Vivian McDowell

Photos of the McDowell Home

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They Have My Highest Personal Recommendation!

Building any home is stressful…even your dream home. Let’s face it. So many things have to line up and go right to even start the build (20 years of planning for us after honeymooning in a log cabin).

Working with Bill Seymour in putting together our Gable Log Homes package was fun and satisfying, not stressful and challenging. One of the biggest reasons I selected Gable and Carolina Diversified Builders was the fact that I was working with my builder to get my package right…the opposite of their competitors. That was a huge plus for me because I knew this builder would not compromise their reputation on a sub-standard or surprise-ridden package. In this respect Gable/Carolina Diversified was delightfully different than the rest. When it comes to such an important investment, that extra bit of security was comforting and the deciding factor.

My hunch proved completely right. The package was exactly what we were looking for. The substantial, all-log and large timber cypress look is exactly what Gable delivered…our dream.

Oh, but there is much more! I pile of logs is just that without the Carolina Diversified team. You can only imagine our excitement and relief when the Carolina Diversified Builders team rolled onto our property. Every team member (6) went separate directions yet worked in sync with each other, knowing exactly what to do and in a mere 3-1/2 weeks our home was dried in. Not just dried in, but every detail superbly done. Extra time was taken when needed. Every request was fulfilled. In short, our house looks as perfect as anyone could expect. Each member of the team seemed equally skilled and motivated. It was just fun to watch it all happen.

While we have a lot of finishing work to do from here, we are convinced that we made the right decision with our Gable log package and having Carolina Diversified Builders dry it in. They have my highest personal recommendation.

Bruce W. Ford
Melrose, Florida

Their Attention to Detail is Amazing!

The Locascios family, in front of their new log home, says they recommend Carolina Diversified Builders.

The Locascios family, in front of their new log home, says they heartily recommend Carolina Diversified Builders for their craftsmanship, quality, speed and efficiency.

Hi, we’re the Locascios. We recently built a log home in Rumbling Bald Spa and Resort at Lake Lure, NC. We made the choice to contract Carolina Log Center of Gilbert, SC, and are more than thrilled with the final product.

The home turned out more beautiful than we could have ever imagined. The attention to detail is amazing and they enhanced the plans along the way with any extra ideas and materials they could utilize in the design elements. Their eye for “uniqueness” set them apart – there are several handmade designs throughout the house that came from the land we built on.

Carolina Log Center is Bill Seymour and his children, Daren, Billy and Tammy. This family is one of the most genuine you will ever meet, you feel like a friend from the moment you meet each of them. They kept us up-to-date with everything along the way, made tremendous suggestions and responded quickly to any requests we made.

The usual “bumps in the road” were handled with concern in our best interest. Their honesty and integrity makes the experience a true partnership. We would definitely do it all over again – who knows what the future holds? And certainly would strongly recommend Carolina Log Center and the Seymour family, without hesitation, to anyone out there looking for a pleasant and thorough construction experience.

Best Experience Ever

Bill and Jane Swann's custom home, built by Carolina Log Center.

Bill and Jane Swann’s custom home, built by Carolina Log Center.

Bill and Billy Seymour at Carolina Log Center were the answer to our prayers. We’ve been through the home building experience before and it can be frustrating. But Bill and Billy Seymour at Carolina Log Center helped us every step of the way. They problem solved and saved us money, all the while keeping the project on an exact schedule. We highly recommend Carolina Log Center for your dream home!

— Bill and Jane Swann

Trustworthy From the First Meeting to the Last

Carol and John Stewart's new home, which was designed and built by Carolina Log Center.

Carol and John Stewart’s new home, which was designed and built by Carolina Log Center.

We turned to Bill Seymour and his family at Carolina Log Center to build our retirement home in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

It was a long distance project, since we were living in another state at the time. But Bill and his family took care of everything, from infrastructure and foundation, to the final design of the home.

The quality of construction is unsurpassed and we pay half of what our neighbors do for energy. I highly recommend Carolina Log Center.

–Carol and John Stewart

Bill Is A Fantastic Builder!

“Bill is a fantastic builder who takes great pride in providing the best product for his clients. The individuals that are clients of Bill’s quickly find they have made a friend that will always be there to meet their needs and will produce a finished home that is truely green, energy efficient and low maintenance.” — — Joseph Gilmore, Owner, Gilmore Consulting Services, LLC

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