Seven Ways to Make the Dream a Reality

Carolina Log Center has overseen dozens of log and timber frame home projects. We’ve helped our clients every step of the way, from conceptual designs to turnkeyed home. So we’ve compiled some wisdom to make the process a little easier.

Step One: Define The Dream

Sit down with us at Carolina Log Center for a free, no obligation meeting and we can help you define dream. We can also inform you of ways to save money. During our initial meeting, we will start with some general questions:

  • What size home do you want? (Use your present home as a guide.)
  • How many bedrooms do you want? How many baths?
  • Do you need any special areas such as a workshop or exercise room?
  • What type of home do you want: single-story ranch, 1-1/2 story, split-level, two-story?
  • Do you prefer a traditional, rustic or modern look?
  • Will your home have a basement or crawl space, or will it be built on piers or a slab?
  • Will you build in the mountains, a meadow or by the sea? In your present community or somewhere new?
  • Do you prefer a log home or a timber frame home, or some combination of the two?

Step Two: Develop Big Book of Ideas

Using the stories, photos and floor plans you’ve gathered over the years and assemble a scrapbook of appealing designs. Not only will you be renewing your enthusiasm for this project, you’ll be performing valuable research on what features you want in your new home. The more specific you can be, the more accurate our bid and pricing would be.

Step Three: Confront Your Fears

Since this is likely one of the largest investments of your life, it’s wise to be cautious. But if you are incapable of graduating beyond the first two steps, it probably stems from your desire to have everything “perfect” before you start. Truth is, perfection does not exist. Accept that the perfect time, location and execution is beyond our grasp. Realize that any minor flaws that do crop up can either be fixed or lived with, comfortably.

Step Four: Find Financing

Before you go shopping for designs or a log or timber frame home producer, choose a log or timber friendly mortgage company that specializes in construction-permanent loans and get pre-approved for a specific amount. It will help you be realistic about what you can afford.

Step Five: Be Site Savvy

If you don’t already own land for your dream home, today one can start by searching online. Be ready to react when you find the right parcel. Before you buy, ensure the lot is suitable for building in terms of the slope, soil conditions, accessibility, zoning, and use of surrounding properties. Contact soil engineers in your area and get them cracking on an analysis. Subsurface concerns include the availability, quality and depth you’ll need to drill to obtain well water, as well as your building site’s ability to pass a percolation or “perc” test. This test is used to determine whether the land will readily accept wastewater from a septic system.

Step Six: Decide On A Design

Carolina Log Center can help you select a design that will fit your needs as well as your building site. We’ve helped dozens of families in North Carolina and South Carolina make their log or timber frame home dreams come true.

Step Seven: Construction

We can help you get into your new log or timber frame home on time and on budget. Fill out the contact form on the left to get started.