Pre-Construction Tasks Are the Key To Smooth Construction

Although time consuming, the actual physical construction of your home is a fairly straightforward process. Often it’s the organizational and decision skills needed before construction starts, which lays the groundwork for success. At Carolina Log Center, we recommend making one person in the marriage be the main point of contact with us and your log home producer—to streamline information.

If you’re anxious to get into your new home, a preconstruction schedule of tasks might look like this:

Week One:
Prequalify with lender, estimate budget, compile ideas you like and floor plans that seem attractive to you

Week Two:
Meet with us at Carolina Log Center to explore your needs

Week Three:
Arrange for survey and plot plan, choose lender.

Week Four:
Finalize the design, apply for loan and then pay down payment on a log home package

Week Five:
Carolina Log Center will develop list of subcontractors, prepare bid specifications, work with log company on construction drawings

Week Six:
Carolina Log Center will obtain preliminary blueprints and submit request for bids.

Week Seven:
Carolina Log Center will arrange for insurance, collect and evaluate bids, obtain building permit information, prepare cost estimate summary.

Week Eight:
Carolina Log Center will receive completed construction drawings and apply for building permit.

Week Nine:
Carolina Log Center will prepare construction schedule, notify subcontractors, arrange temporary utilities.

Week Ten:
Carolina Log Center will receive building permit, get approval from bank and begin construction.