Carolina Log Center was founded in 1999, when William (Bill) Seymour and his two sons, William G. and Daren, decided they wanted to start a family business. They had purchased land to build a log cabin and this inspired a vision to sell log and timber frame homes!

After extensive research on the industry, they began to see the possibilities for improving the products and resources available to homebuilders and were excited about creating superior options for log and timber frame homeowners in the future. Carolina Log Center was soon born and since then, has become one of the fastest growing custom log sales center in the region. Whether it’s a cabin or a dream home we can help!


  • Member of the National Association of Home Builders
  • Certified Green Building Professional
  • Member of the Green Building Council of Greater Columbia
  • Member of Bonded Builders Warranty Group
  • Energy Star Certified

Meet the Team

Bill and Kathy Seymour and their two sons, William and Daren

Bill and Kathy Seymour and their two sons, William and Daren.

Founders of Carolina Log Center and Carolina Diversified Builders, Bill and Kathy Seymour and their two sons, William and Daren.

Code of Ethics

Carolina Log Center is built around a code of ethics that is founded on quality and integrity that not only encompasses their relationship with each customer, but also the products and services they offer.

Carolina Log Center is more than just a business for the Seymours. A deep passion and commitment to a customer-oriented approach is at the center of their philosophy, and they have worked hard to offer homeowners all of the options and benefits available for log cabin home kits, along with focusing on ease and convenience.

Don't Know Where to Begin? We Can Help

With a log or timber frame home, you have the opportunity to create a unique place that comes alive with your own personality, lifestyle and interests. But with that freedom to go in any direction, many people become overwhelmed with the enormity of the choices. That’s where Carolina Log Center comes in. We can help you every step of the way.

Today’s modern log homes are much more than just stacked logs. Many producers have spent decades perfecting a building system, which combines engineering principles with specific crafting, sealing, fastening techniques for a particular tree species. We use only log and timber frame home packages from Gable Log Homes and Cabin Creek Timber Frames, two longtime companies staffed with talented artisans.

This ensures your new log home will stand the test of time!

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